Thinkdharma Ecommerce

Thinkdharma Ecommerce was one of my projects when I was working at Iconcept Global Advertising Inc. I was given the responsibility of designing an e-commerce store for an official Nikon distributor in the Philippines named Thinkdharma.


In this case study, I’ll be explaining my web design concept for Thinkdharma Ecommerce website. Thinkdharma is the official distributor of Nikon in the Philippines. I’ve worked as the UI Designer for their e-commerce website.


Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop


ThinkDharma Inc. is a thriving business focusing on boundless possibilities in the Imaging Industry. ThinkDharma Inc. is currently the exclusive distributor of Nikon Cameras in the Philippines. As consumers opt for well-established labels and premium product lines, Nikon is a highly considered brand dedicated to constant innovation and versatile setting. Before launching their new e-commerce website they’ve changed their name to Photo-Op.


The aim was to create an ecommerce website with a professional looking user interface. Aside from increasing the number of visitors to the website, the goal is to attract visitors to buy the products. They also hope to educate them on photography and cameras.


Finally, let’s sum up everything. This is the first successful website I launched when I worked at Iconcept Global Advertising Inc. I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge from this experience, and it’s a great start to my career in UI Designing.